Google Charts

reviewed by Marleen van Zalm


The Good:

Google Charts provides a perfect way to visualize data on your website. From simple line charts to complex hierarchical tree maps, the chart gallery provides a large number of ready-to-use chart types.

The Bad:

Of course it can loose a sort of creativity. Because there are already a lot of 'made' charts.

The Bottomline:

Web browser Google chart tools are simple to use, and free. You can choose from a variety of charts and match these with already existing charts.

Overall Rating:



The official website of the tool is

The tool is made by

The google developers (couldn't find a one specific person).

You can find the official doccumentation on:

Only thing that I could find about the documentation is the link below:

Is there a user forum/ bug tracker/ issue tracker and if so where?

Not that I could find..

I reviewed version Version 45 (A new version of Google Charts was released on February 23, 2016 and is the official current release.) of the Software

The interface:

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  • what is it : online tool, platform
  • what is it for ? image processing, other
  • this tool functions : both
  • this tool is available for : ALL
  • this tool is : Free Beer
  • does this tool have a paid version available? no
  • Review

    The user interface:

    Very very easy, you fill in your data and automatically makes a chart. This chart you can adjust the way you want (next to the huge ammount of already existing examples).

    Tutorials / Instructions:

  • useful / helpful : 5
  • clear : 5
  • quick and easy to understand : 5

    What notable things do other users say about this tool? (either good or bad!)

    Daniel B. Title; Great UX and value proposition, some customization options are limited What do you like best? It just works. Publishing graphical data sets in the past was tedious (many steps to create a "portable" chart, exporting, uploading, inserting, adjusting, etc) and static (in a way that would not adapt gracefully to different screen sizes and resolutions, such as large Retina monitor versus a smartphone). However, Google Charts removes all these frictions and creates beautiful, transportable charts that look good everywhere. Also, if you need to modify the underlying data, it is made easy and straightforward. What do you dislike? Some advanced options that are available in desktop productivity suites have deeper options to customize almost any parameter of the chart. In particular, I miss the ability to change the attributes of a single data point (like setting a different market color, size, and/or shape). I normally do this when I want to highlight a particular section of the data.

    Testing the tool (learning by doing – trial and error)

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  • ooglecharts_08_marleenvanzalm

    What would/could a designer use this tool for?

    Make it more easy to make charts, and apply them on your website, get easy an html example of the charts.

    Depending on what kind of free this tool is, how “free” is this tool really?

    [For instance – you don’t have to pay for it, but it’s keeping track of your surf behaviour, and pushing advertising towards you, is it then free

    Please add any additional comments below:

    It's nice, but Illustrator is still the better way to make charts.

    *As an official reviewer for the Great Free Graphic Software Review I confirm I have filled in the above review at the best of my abilities, with care, patience and without prior prejudice, so help me Tux.*

    Marleen van Zalm, 11/09/2017

  • Interface

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    Testing the tool

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