Ikea Home Planner

reviewed by Nienke


The Good:

You can use it online. Easy to understand and clear interface. You can change all the sizes of the objects, so you can really made your own room. You can see the 2D and 3D image of the room. There is also an app you can download.

The Bad:

It's a little slow, maybe because I used the online version. It takes a long time to place a new object. Also the images are not sharpe, you can see the pixels. You have to sign up if you want to save something. Limited color options.

The Bottomline:

It is useful for people who want to (re)design their house or room. They can try if certain objects fits in their house, and create an idea of how it would look like, before they really have to buy something. It is also nice to try different solutions for your interior. ---

Overall Rating:



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Is there a user forum/ bug tracker/ issue tracker and if so where?

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The interface:

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  • what is it : application, online tool
  • what is it for ? other
  • this tool functions : both
  • this tool is available for : Windows, Mac OS
  • this tool is : Free Beer
  • does this tool have a paid version available? no
  • Review

    The user interface:

    It is easy to follow, it is clear what every option means. Also the interface is clear and easy to understand.

    Tutorials / Instructions:

  • useful / helpful : 4
  • clear : 4
  • quick and easy to understand : 3

    What notable things do other users say about this tool? (either good or bad!)

    Very limited colour options, almost no room accessories (as far as i know IKEA!), think of lamps... once improved this app would get my 5 stars. But now it a big NO - Eric Sekanyana Super leuk Ik vind dit spel super leuk omdat je je eigen huis kan ontwerpen - Mirne Sluijter Purchase to save project 10 eur? - Marijke Uytenhove

    Testing the tool (learning by doing – trial and error)

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    What would/could a designer use this tool for?

    Use this tool for designing an exhibition.

    Depending on what kind of free this tool is, how “free” is this tool really?

    You don't have to pay for the app or the online version, but you have to sign up and pay if you want to save your design.

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    Nienke Temmink, 28/09/2017

  • Interface

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    Testing the tool

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