reviewed by Jody Peters


The Good:

You can make very quikly a design. Piktochart is an easy infographic design app that requires very little effort to produce beautiful, high quality graphics. Make your own infographics here.

The Bad:

Because of the template that you can use. A lot of people can make the same design. It's not a unique design.

The Bottomline:

It's usefull for people who can't or don't have money/time to make their own design.

Overall Rating:



The official website of the tool is

The tool is made by

Ai Ching and Andrea founded Yet Another Studio

You can find the official doccumentation on:

Is there a user forum/ bug tracker/ issue tracker and if so where?

I reviewed version Processing 3.2.3 of the Software

The interface:

  • iktochart_jody1
  • iktochart_jody2
  • iktochart_jody3

  • what is it : online tool, platform
  • what is it for ? image processing, other
  • this tool functions : online
  • this tool is available for : ALL
  • this tool is : Free Speech
  • does this tool have a paid version available? no
  • Review

    The user interface:

    The interface is clear. Every tool who you can use is explained.

    Tutorials / Instructions:

  • useful / helpful : 4
  • clear : 4
  • quick and easy to understand : 4

    What notable things do other users say about this tool? (either good or bad!)

    "Piktochart has meant that we can actually compete on a whole new level. It has almost democratized graphic design so that anyone can do it."

    Testing the tool (learning by doing – trial and error)

  • iktochart_jody4
  • iktochart_jody5
  • iktochart_jody6
  • iktochart_jody7
  • iktochart_jody8

    What would/could a designer use this tool for?

    You can use this tool to get quicly a free design. You can use it for commercial reasons.

    Depending on what kind of free this tool is, how “free” is this tool really?

    It's a free download

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    *As an official reviewer for the Great Free Graphic Software Review I confirm I have filled in the above review at the best of my abilities, with care, patience and without prior prejudice, so help me Tux.*

    Jody Peters, 18/10/2017

  • Interface

  • iktochart_jody1
  • iktochart_jody2
  • iktochart_jody3

    Testing the tool

  • iktochart_jody4
  • iktochart_jody5
  • iktochart_jody6
  • iktochart_jody7
  • iktochart_jody8