reviewed by Carmen Steenbrink


The Good:

A very quick result, funny and a visual pleasing element.

The Bad:

There is nothing you can do to influence the outcome.

The Bottomline:

The tool gives you a seapunkname without having to give any input, just press the button. Also the visual are ready made.

Overall Rating:



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Is there a user forum/ bug tracker/ issue tracker and if so where?


I reviewed version It was last updated on November 8th 2013. of the Software

The interface:

  • seapunknames_carmen1

  • what is it : script, online tool
  • what is it for ? image processing, writing
  • this tool functions : online
  • this tool is available for : ALL
  • this tool is : Free Beer
  • does this tool have a paid version available? no
  • Review

    The user interface:

    It's easy in use, there is only one button to click.

    Tutorials / Instructions:

  • useful / helpful : -
  • clear : -
  • quick and easy to understand : -

    What notable things do other users say about this tool? (either good or bad!)

    Seapunk may be a fleeting trend we all distressed our hair and lost friends over. But we had a good time doing it. Those so-called friends just couldn’t deal with us listening to ambient water noises on quiet nights. They questioned our decision to go from Google Chrome to Netscape. And they were totally jealous of our barnacle-studded leather jackets. It was all good, but we grew out of the trend by the time Azealia Banks made us an honorable mermaid. Now we just have a surplus of graphic leggings, club drugs and purple hair dye that random seapunk chicks left at our place after drunken rave nights. But with the discovery of the sea punk name generator, we’re back in the game. So say hello to ☯♂MCM∅LLIWATER♂☯ and find your own identity here.

    Testing the tool (learning by doing – trial and error)

  • seapunknames_carmen2
  • seapunknames_carmen3
  • seapunknames_carmen4
  • seapunknames_carmen5
  • seapunknames_carmen6

    What would/could a designer use this tool for?

    There is nothing to design, but it can be used in a research based project.

    Depending on what kind of free this tool is, how “free” is this tool really?

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    Fun for ten seconds.

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    Carmen Steenbrink, 15/10/2017

  • Interface

  • seapunknames_carmen1

    Testing the tool

  • seapunknames_carmen2
  • seapunknames_carmen3
  • seapunknames_carmen4
  • seapunknames_carmen5
  • seapunknames_carmen6