reviewed by Marlou Bleijenberg


The Good:

It is easy to create a WordCLoud with this website, where the website visualizes your given text into a visual representation of textdata. The interface is not complicated, it's clear whether or not you need an account and what the prices are for high quality packs. When you're done creating the word cloud you can easily change, safe or immediately order merchandise with your design.

The Bad:

First it seems like you can just design your wordcloud for free (button: create where you are directed to a website where you can design) but if you want to do something with your creation afterwards you have to have an account and pay. You can then choose between the amount of high quality packs and prices or to just pay a monthly price ($29,99). But this is not clear when you're on the homepage and can be frustrating when it takes you lots of time to create. Also, all the shapes you can choose from are already determined for you.

The Bottomline:

The tool is accessible for everyone that wants to let the computer design things for you. For instance if you don't want to spend time looking for shapes, colours or text. However one doesn't learn anything from this website as to designing and think creatively.

Overall Rating:



The official website of the tool is

The tool is made by

Tagul is the old name for Tagul was founded in 2009 and rebranded to in 2017. Furthermore there is no name of a creator visible on the website.

You can find the official doccumentation on:

No but there are several youtube tutorials.

Is there a user forum/ bug tracker/ issue tracker and if so where?

Yes there is a forum on the website which you can access for free (community > forums).

I reviewed version n/a of the Software

The interface:

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  • wordart_marlou_2017_2_
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  • what is it : online tool, platform
  • what is it for ? website making and posting
  • this tool functions : online
  • this tool is available for : ALL
  • this tool is : Free Speech
  • does this tool have a paid version available? yes
  • Review

    The user interface:

    It is relatively easy to follow, the interface guides you through the steps until the tool where you create Wordart. The first time it was a bit unclear how the exel sheet worked and you don't see a visual output immediately. But after clicking some buttons a button 'visualize' appeared and in this way you can constantly check what changes you made to the wordcloud.

    Tutorials / Instructions:

  • useful / helpful : 6
  • clear : 6
  • quick and easy to understand : 6

    What notable things do other users say about this tool? (either good or bad!)

    User-friendly and many benefits! - Ivo Pity that I can't choose between more templates. - Jennifer

    Testing the tool (learning by doing – trial and error)

    What would/could a designer use this tool for?

    A designer should not use this tool because there is a lack of creativity, you can't choose shapes yourself and the tool basically creates everything for you so every outcome is very similar to another one's. You can prototype fast though, because with one click you can order mugs or tshirts with your 'design'.

    Depending on what kind of free this tool is, how “free” is this tool really?

    The tool is free when you hit 'create' and create your own wordcloud. But the next steps to save, print or do anything with it is not free. When you want to use this tool fully you have to pay.

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    Marlou Bleijenberg, 18/10/2017

  • Interface

  • wordart_marlou_2017
  • wordart_marlou_2017_2_
  • wordart_marlou_2017_3_
  • wordart_marlou_2017_4_

    Testing the tool